This collection is the ultimate expression of our work, our care, and the attention with which we preserve this land. We use only the best production techniques in steel containers and subsequent bottle aging. The collection consists of 4 indigenous wines from the Eastern Hills of Friuli: each has a different character and characteristics, studied to offer you a unique experience.

REDS (4)

Our collection of red wines encapsulates all the richness and character of the indigenous grape varieties of this land. Each wine ferments in stainless steel before resting for 24 months in wood - both barriques and tonneaux - and, before it fills the glasses, it further matures for at least another 24 months in the bottle.Time is the fundamental element: only thus can these wines achieve excellence.


This collection is legendary. It represents a special production that we offer only in the finest vintages. "Liende," in the Friulian language, means legend: for us, it's not just a word, it's a promise. That's why the wines of the Liende collection aspire to offer you an excellent experience of our terroir.


This mini-collection, composed of two unique wines, has the ability to exalt our land and express the best of Friulian spirit. A white and a red that will seduce you with the harmony of tastes and aromas, created by our experience.


A collection that celebrates simplicity, the joy of living, and sharing. Perfect for making every moment special. Each sip is a door opening to genuine experiences imbued with authenticity. The delicacy of these wines is an invitation to be enveloped by the relaxed atmosphere of a table with friends, where laughter and stories extend into endless toasts.


This special processing is our homage to ancient fermentation techniques. Our Malvasia is the celebration of Friulian tradition in a contemporary key.


È un vino capace di regalare “Sogni” preziosi che vanno assaporati e conservati nel tempo. L’appassimento in fruttaio del Picolit e del Verduzzo arricchisce i suoi aromi. Un’armonia di sensazioni dolci e ricche di fascino, morbide, intriganti e persistenti.



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